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How To Complete A Simple, But Strong Essay In No Time: Vital Advice

Short cuts! While it is true that there is no short cut to excel in a skill, and that you need practice to create perfect essays, there are some rules that can help. These rules, when applied correctly will help you create a strong essay in no time. Have you heard how simplicity is harder to achieve than complexity? That one is true as well. So, while writing your essay try sticking to the basics and follow the guidelines provided here. You will be able to write a piece of beautiful simplicity and force without much hassle.

  1. Topic: The selection of a topic takes up the most time in the process of writing an essay. You are better off if the teacher provides the topic, or you already have it in mind. If not, you should quickly embark on the quest for the best topic. Make a list of all the issues that really interest you and see which one you can find the most evidence about. Do not dither with it. Do not agonize too much about the perfect topic if you want to save time.
  2. Brainstorming: Brainstorming before writing is not a waste of precious time. On the contrary, it will save you at least double the time later. Make rough notes on a draft pad about your topic. Write whatever you know about the topic and whatever comes to mind regarding it.
  3. Outline: No, do NOT skip this if you want to save time! Making a clear outline is a time and energy saving step. An outline is the skeleton of your essay. You do not want haphazard flesh without bones, do you? List the main points you have in mind regarding the topic and add supporting evidence. Do a quick Google search for evidence to avoid delays. Think of a few clever lines you can use to grab your reader’s attention. Pick the one you like best and write it in the outline. Paragraph transitions (sentences that begin a new paragraph) can also be a part of your outline.
  4. Now start writing the essay. Writing the body of the essay before the introduction can give you the space to write a better introduction. Knowing that you are done with two-fifths of your essay already makes you feel relieved and your mind can now work with the happy hormones to create a fantastic introduction and a forceful conclusion.
  5. Write the introduction and conclusion. Make these paragraphs concise, informative, and crisp. There is no use of wasting time and words where a few smartly phrased words can suffice.