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How To Make Your Compare And Contrast American History Essay Shine

There is so much in American history that you can write about. A compare and contrast essay will explore the similarities and the differences of your two events. To be able to write this correctly, you should choose two occurrences that both had a large impact on history. You can show how two events shaped the society we live in today.

If you want to go in another direction, you can show one event that had a large effect on society or one that made no change at all. It's entirely up to you, as long as both of your topics make sense to compare. Whatever direction you choose for your essay, the basic rules for compare and contrast still apply. Sometimes it's easier to stick to something simple, something you know you won't have any trouble writing about. When in doubt, just go with what makes the most sense.

To start, you need to think about not only the differences of your two subjects, but how they both play into the bigger picture. You need to make connections that tie in to a larger issue. While you can summarize the events, you also need to analyze them and state why it's important to compare them in the first place.

First, you must have a thesis statement. Then you must write your main body, which consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on a main topic and then give evidence that supports them. If necessary, you may then give an analysis of the evidence.

To make your essay shine, the best thing you can do is use clear language. If it sounds confusing to you, it will confuse your readers.

Don't forget to use your voice. The best way to make your work stand out is to use your own words. Your interpretations of the events is equally important to the evidence that you include, so don't be afraid to speak up!

One way to keep track of the similarities and differences of your subjects is to create a list for each. Think of it like pros and cons. It's easier to compare the events when you have a map laid out in front of you.

When you are finished with your paper, it's time to revise. You might need to replace a few words or rework a paragraph. You need to make sure that your essay stays on point and presents the information that you were asked to give.

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