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Using A Critical Thinking Essay Example For Composing A Strong Paper

If you are writing a critical thinking essay, you may be unsure of where to begin, or how. Thankfully there are many resources available to you. One of the best resources you have is an essay example. If you want to compose a strong paper, you want to invest in a reputable sample.

Having an example will show you exactly that tone other students have used. It will show you what style is best, what type of arguments other students have made, and how they cited their sources. In some cases, if the example is on a topic similar to yours, it will give you some additional resources that you can incorporate into your paper, thereby alleviating a great deal of the time you would have spent on your research. An example can also set expectations where they might be lacking. You may be unsure of what your teacher, for example, expects out of the paper but if you see an example from another student you will know what you have to cover.

So where can you find a critical thinking essay example?

  1. The first place you want to look is your course notes and textbooks.
  2. Review your course texts and see if anything in them contains information relevant to your assignment. Look for samples of essays that are similar to the one you are given. Your teacher may have this information available too, so always ask.

  3. The second place you want to look is a writing guide.
  4. You might own a writing guide, or you might be able to check one out from your school or local library. Such guides are incredibly useful tools so if you do not have one, you might want to consider investing in one so that you can always turn to it for your writing needs. You can find samples of every type of essay contained in these writing guides and the best part is that the guides break down each part of the essay and give you a short explanation so that you understand what is required of you and how to model your paper in the same likeness.

  5. The third place you want to look is online.
  6. Save this as a last resort. The internet is full of scams and finding a good example that you can really follow may be challenging.