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Where To Go Looking For A Well-Written Example Of A Literary-Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is one whereby the writer tends to give an outline or description of a topic, subject, idea, a person or even a place. Generally the descriptions given are in terms of the traits and/or characteristics and behaviours of any of the subject in question.

A well written descriptive essay therefore is one where the writer gives in-depth information about the topic and also uses the right words in the description of the same. Moreover, a literary descriptive paper will contain points showing the personality and the purpose of the character in the subsequent story.

Another aspect of literary descriptive paper is that, to make it top class, it has to give the most interesting and captivating description of the subject matter. The reader should be eager and anxious of the next paragraphs and be engaged. Finally a literary-descriptive essay should start by giving the general characteristics of the topic then narrow down to more specific traits.

It is important to know where to find well written literary descriptive papers that can give writers both experienced and amateurs the requisite knowledge for how to go about them.

This article thus encompasses the avenues where one can harvest a well written literary descriptive paper that will be worth its salt.

Biographies and essay depositories

Biographies are real personal life stories written about somebody e.g. a public figure by another person. In most biographies, the writer tends to give detailed description about the character, his traits, behaviours and certain enumerations of his/her personality. Therefore biographers tend to give literary descriptive papers either knowingly or unknowingly by the explanations they give concerning the characters they write about. Biographies of societal role models and famous persons give the best examples where one can obtain descriptive essays.

Term paper archives

After carrying out a successful research, findings are most certainly expected from a research team/person. When giving out their findings researchers often describe the specimen and the factors affecting both the dependent and independent variables. These descriptions often offer real literary descriptive papers especially if the dependent variables happen to be living things and not ideas or concepts.


Real stories obtained from newspapers, journals and magazines often offer valid literary descriptive essays. Calamities, public events and unusual occurrences in the society are often described by journalists and their works culminate into well written literary descriptive essays that can be used for referencing reason being how they describe phenomena in detail.