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What Makes A Good Compare And Contrast Essay?

Comparisons are common in our everyday life and they are necessary to make vital decisions between two or more objects and/or actions. As long as you have options, you must compare and contrast. When it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay, the same rule applies but you need to consider the alternatives on a more detailed level where you require information on each alternative prior to making a final, intelligent decision.

Complete Your Research

You will find that writing a good compare and contrast essay is no impossible feat if you take time to carry out your research properly beforehand. Based on the choice of essay topic and your knowledge of the factors involved, you might or might not dive into various sources to ferret out the necessary information. It is common for students to choose topics related to things that they are familiar with in order to avoid wasting a great deal of time simply on research.

Vital Ingredients for a Good Paper

You might have all the relevant details at your disposal but if you are unable to collate them and organize them properly with supporting statements and reasons, then your paper will not have the required punch. Every compare and contrast essay needs to provide the reader with accurate information. It is important to undertake a certain level of research even if it is only to check specific facts just to ascertain that what you are mentioning in your paper is valid or not.

Drive Yourself to Perfection

In order to write a good and effective compare and contrast essay, you definitely need to possess:

  • An inquiring mind
  • A desire and a thirst for knowledge to understand more about objects and occurrences around you which are unknown to you.
  • This will ensure that you do not face any sort of trouble with writing and research during the compare and contrast essays.
  • Once you expand your knowledge base, you will find writing quality compare and contrast essays easier.


No matter what you elect to write about for this exercise, you need to ensure that the research has been done properly following which you can use any one of two different methods to arrive at the right conclusion. This resource can help you out with your research work. No matter what structure you give to the essay, the major resolution and argument will be the same in both cases since both are compare and contrast essays.