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Composing An Interesting Reflective Essay On 21st Century Learning

A reflective essay will require you to look at yourself and how you have develop or progressed. For example, you may wish to look at your skills as an essay writer, and how you have you to develop the skills that you use when it comes to writing academic papers.

In fact, a student writing a reflective essay in the 21st century is likely to identify and discuss various different things compared to someone who may have been writing academic papers in the 20th century or earlier. The reasons for this a simple, and relate to different learning techniques that may be used in the 21st century, which may not have been used earlier on in history.

Ultimately, improvements and other changes in relation to technology can mean that the essay writing process is different to how it was many years ago. Furthermore, teaching methods and other techniques develop and change throughout time, which can have an impact upon the way in which students write academic papers.

In fact, some teaching methods and writing techniques will come in and out of favor and, therefore, they may have existed in the past, but may not have been so commonly used.

Discussing the Internet in relation to research

In order to write the vast majority of academic papers, an individual will first have to carry out a detailed amount of research. However, the way in which students are able to research various topics has changed considerably thanks to the invention of the Internet. For example, whereas students once had to look for various books in the library, which could take a considerable amount of time, students can quickly and easily find relevant information on a variety of different websites, which can be found almost instantaneously thanks to modern online search engines.

Word processers

You do not need to go back too far in history in order to find a time when students always used to use a pen and paper. However, just as the Internet has changed the way in which students carry out any research, computers and also revolutionized the way in which students are able to actually write the work. Essentially, word processers are used by the vast majority of students today, so you may wish to discuss any differences relating to work that is produced on a computer in comparison to work that students used to produce using a pen and paper - including details about how easy it is to make any edits, as well as the benefits of spellchecking devices.