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What Are The Key Elements Of Writing A Strong Essay Introduction

In order to gain anyone’s attention when reading an essay is always within the first paragraph. Without a strong introduction to an essay, a student is likely to fall asleep reading their own writing or receive a less than satisfactory grade for being monotonous and putting in no effort into their work. The key elements a student should use to write a strong essay are:

  • Relate it to something the reader can understand
  • Paint a picture
  • Tell a story
  • Make it memorable

Relate it to something the reader can understand

If a student is reading a peer’s paper, they should ensure the paper is written relative to the learning ability of the class. If this course is in astrophysics by dissertation candidates, then they can feel free to use all the large terminology associated with this field. If it is written by a 14 year old about the best way to celebrate the Christmas holidays, it more than likely should not delve into the idea of the pagan traditions of the holiday as it may be above the learning level of their classmates. This can be left of course to the discretion of the instructor.

Paint a picture

When writing an essay that involves getting the reader to understand what the paper is really about, the writer should make the introduction as descriptive as possible. This allows the reader to truly visualize what is being discussed at the beginning of the paper in order to put themselves in that setting before proceeding on with the rest of the essay.

Tell a story

When writing to tell a story, the writer should ensure the introduction is captivating enough to draw the reader’s attention in. By using descriptive words and narration, it will serve it’s purpose better than if a writer were to use short monotonous verbiage that left the reader feeling the material was dry and boring.

Make it memorable

If a student writes about catching the winning football touchdown or making the game winning basket at the buzzer, the introduction should speak of how it was such a memorable moment. Reading is always about finding the best way to draw your audience in and the only way for this to be accomplished is by ensuring that the beginning of the essay is worthy enough of being a page turner.