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11 Compare And Contrast Expository Essay Topics To Consider

Compare and contrast essays are not easy, and perhaps one of the hardest parts of creating one is actually coming up with the title! You might feel that it’s all been done before or that there is nothing new or challenging for you to do. However, this is simply not true. Below are 11 great compare and contrast expository essay topics that you can select from.

  1. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
  2. This is a fun little essay looking at popular culture. How are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings similar? How are they different?

  3. Communism and capitalism
  4. In some ways, these are as different as chalk and cheese. But there are a striking number of similarities, too.

  5. Greek and Roman mythology
  6. You might know that some of the Greek and Roman gods are almost interchangeable. What about some of the stories?

  7. Hitler and Mussolini
  8. Both of these men were both great and terrible. Did they do similarly terrible and great things? Or were they, in fact, very different?

  9. Books and movies
  10. This is a debate that will rage on for a good few years, but it’s time to add your voice to the mix. Do both genres have their relative merits?

  11. Christianity and Islam
  12. This can be used for any religion, of course. What are the similarities between the two? Are they as different as the world would have us think they are?

  13. Astrology and astronomy
  14. These very similar words are often mixed up. What are the differences between these two studies? Are they actually that similar?

  15. Nature and nurture
  16. This is another topic that has been discussed since the time of Aristotle, a Greek scientist. Has the discussion changed? Can you write the definitive essay on the topic?

  17. Republican and Democrat
  18. These two seem fiercely opposed to each other, but in reality, they share a lot of the same policies. Why do we need a two-party system? Are there any benefits, or just drawbacks? How are these two actually different?

  19. Renewable resources and non-renewable resources
  20. List the different resources you know about, e.g. solar, wind, water, gas. How are they all different? Is one better than the other? Can you make some points that no one else has before?

  21. Home schooling and state schooling
  22. Many people home school their children because they do not believe in the abilities of the state. What are the differences? Is one better than the other?