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A List Of 15 Great Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

The argumentative essays to write:

The argumentative essays are dependent on the variety and range in materials for making it a true success. It is not a sort of challenge which can trouble the students a lot, but still some respect must be given as the critical evaluation and requirements given by the teachers can add to the complexity of such tasks. If you look into the subject material and other related things associated with the argumentative type of writing, then you will find them very interesting to write and research. The students who are critical with details and have the ability to come with useful arguments will surely do well in such tasks. Those who are not blessed with such god gifted abilities can develop these skills with a little bit of research and hard work done on themselves. Most of the issues will get settled with the hard work, but for the topic selection thing, you need to have some excellent critical and decisive skills. It must be chosen very intelligently as the success of your paper is entirely dependent on the selection of your topic on the argumentative niche. There are at times when students are lucky to find a specific topic when a topic quickly clicks to them and it is a good quality one. But, it is not always the case and students need to choose intelligently.

Top 15 topics for argumentative essay:

  1. Becoming a father for the first time is the best feeling in this world.
  2. Should girls ask boys out too?
  3. Women are increasing in numbers in the corporate work environment.
  4. Men should always look to open doors for all women.
  5. Is it fine if a man cries in front of a woman?
  6. A boy and girl can be just plain friends as well.
  7. Surrogacy is a thing that must be legalized worldwide.
  8. You must be an excellent writer or you just don’t write at all.
  9. Politics and religious places should be separate.
  10. Humor is an excellent way to resolve disputes
  11. School is the place where empathy should be taught.
  12. Has corruption gone out of control in developing economies
  13. The Smartphones are dangerous.
  14. Cigarette is more dangerous than alcohol.
  15. Should animals be used in the laboratories for research purposes?