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Using College Essay Examples: Helpful Hints For Beginners

A college essay is a significant portion of the student's grade. In history, English and humanities classes, the essay may be used instead of a mid-term or final exam. Due to this, students must begin early and work hard on writing their paper. Through focus, effort and commitment, students can get the grade that they want on their paper.

Tips for Writing

The number one tip for writing any document is to begin early. By starting early, students can reduce their stress. This techniques allows the student to have more time to focus on the quality of their research and their writing. In addition, beginning early allows the student to have plenty of time leftover to edit their paper. The first draft is never good enough to submit, so the document should always be edited.

Since few students are talented at editing their own writing, each essay should be edited by someone else. A knowledgeable classmate or a tutor may be able to help with the editing process. In addition to these options, students may be able to hire a professional editor online. With a professional editor, the student can receive a perfectly written essay. It may cost a bit more than using a classmate, but the results are undeniably better.

Finding an Example

If the student is unfamiliar with a specific writing style, they can always look up examples online. Often, an example is a better way to learn about citations than a writing manual. With a sample, the student can look at the correct way to format and write their paper. They can view the bibliography and discover how to source their quotations. Ideally, students should find a sample that is about a similar topic. If the thesis statement is similar to the student's writing, the student can use some of the sources in the bibliography for their own paper.

Examples can be easily found online through performing an Internet search. Academic websites, school databases and university English departments will often list samples of the best essays. Depending on the website, students may be able to find the perfect example for free. Although there are many free sites available, some websites will charge a registration fee. As a rule, students can expect any website that asks for credit card information to cost money. Unless the student is willing to pay for their example, they should locate a site that is able to give them samples for free.