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Who Can Provide Me With Examples Of An Expository Essay?

An expository essay will explore and explain. You will use support as you draw conclusions about your topic. You are a police officer provide details to the subject. The fun thing is that the style of wring is conducive to almost every topic idea. Because you have to explain, support, and summarize, some new writers may struggle at first with the format. So you may want to loo around for model papers. Consider looking at the writing lab, at friend’s papers, online, and in textbooks for sample essays.

Writing Lab

If you school has a writing lab, it will have archived writing samples. If this is not the case, call around to local colleges or universities and see if their writing lab is open to you. It should be, but you may have to show your school ID to gain admittance.

Friend’s Papers

Your friends may have papers you can look at when you need help. Never discount asking a friend for help, if you think they can do so. At another time, you may be able to return the favor. Just make sure that you turn to a friend who is a strong writer. You don’t want to model poor essay examples.


The Internet has thousands of paper samples. There are papers in every category known to man. As with anything you find online, make sure that you can find a quality piece written by a credible person. Never use the paper you find, simply consider it to be an aid to use. Using online essays may open you up to being accused of plagiarism.


Many educational publishing houses print collections of essays. The expository paper will be included. These books can be found in most libraries and bookstores. The neat thing about a collection of papers is that you can use it for any style of paper that you are assigned.

Modeling papers is a great way to learn a style. You can explore the vocabulary, organization, structure, and technique of the author. There is no better and faster way to learn. And the amazing thing is that these samples for modeling can be found in numerous places. They are accessible. When you are assigned an expository essay, you can find samples in the writing lab, from your friends, online, and in paper collection textbooks.