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What Is A Thematic Essay And How To Deal With It Properly?

A thematic essay is just what it sounds like, an essay about a theme. It is a popular type of essay for college entrance exams because they give you a prompt like a famous quote or other theme. There may be several different aspects that you will have to address pertaining to your topic. If this is the case, it is important to address all aspects of the question.

The main focus of a thematic essay is to develop an essay that stays on track with the theme. It is designed to get the student to draw from their knowledge of social and historical events to test their ability to comprehend various subjects that they have been taught. It shows how well the student can add past knowledge to current knowledge.

  • Formatting
  • When dealing with a thematic essay, the formatting is very important. The paper should follow the five paragraph essay format. The five paragraph essay format is a popular format that can be used for almost any type of essay. Here is how it is set up.

  • Paragraph One: Introduction
  • The first paragraph is the introduction. It is designed to introduce the topic to the reader. Any background information on the topic can be giving in this paragraph. It should also include any definitions that the reader may need to know to understand the rest of the paper. The last and most important sentence in the introduction is the thesis. This is the main purpose for writing the paper. It can be used as a transition into the body of the paper and should capture the essence of the essay.

  • Paragraphs Two to Four: Body paragraphs
  • Each of these three paragraphs should each explain a reason why you believe the thesis statement. Each paragraph should start off with a topic sentence that states the reason and follow with some supporting evidence. The supporting evidence should also be explained. There should be some transitions that run in between the paragraphs either at the beginning or at the end. They will help the paper flow and direct the reader through the paper.

  • Paragraph Five: Conclusion
  • The conclusion is designed to wrap the paper up and to restate the thesis. Take your time and create an interesting conclusion. This is the lasting impression that you will leave for your reader.

As long as you stay on track, you will be able to easily create a thematic essay for your assignment.