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15 Attention Grabbing Ideas For A Personal Narrative Essay

Have you ever told a story to your friends and you noticed that they are all charmed? If the answer is yes, it means that a personal narrative essay will be a piece of cake for you. In this kind of essay you are basically saying a story, from your point of view or from an observer’s perspective. Since it needs to be personal, you can easily choose what you want to write. These topic ideas will make others listen to you with all their heart:

  1. Tell them how your parents met. You can ask them to tell you the story and tell you will write about this from your own perspective. These moments have a bit of magic and everyone will listen to you.
  2. Talk about a special moment in your life. Maybe you won a competition a few years ago and you want to tell others how did this happen.
  3. If you have a younger sibling, you can narrate about the first day when you saw him.
  4. The most funny thing that your pet ever did. Cats and dogs can be very entertaining and they do all kind of amusing things when they play.
  5. Your first day of school. Every student remembers this, so why not tell your class about your experience?
  6. A pleasant journey. It can be a vacation with your parents, a city break with your best friend or only a picnic outside town.
  7. Talk about your favorite place in the world. Imagine that you live there; how would a normal day go?
  8. Tell them about an emotional moment that you saw. It can be a marriage proposal or a birthday party for your friend.
  9. How did you learn to ride a bike? I bet that it was extremely amusing and entertaining for you as a child.
  10. The first time you flew with an airplane. Were you scared?
  11. The most recent movie that you saw. You can talk about what happened in the movie and what did you think about the entire story.
  12. The most valuable life lesson that you received. This can be a very educative essay if you create it right.
  13. Remember how you discovered your talent? Well, tell them all about this.
  14. When did you decide what you want to be in life? You can discuss about this moment in your essay.
  15. Your first memory since you were a child.