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How Can I Develop My Essay Writing Skills In No Time

Writing an academic essay can be easier than writing a non-academic essay because the academic essay gives you many rules to work within that make it easy to write. If you stick to the parts of an essay that you must write and follow a specific structure, you cannot go wrong.

All academic essays need to have several elements. You need a strong introduction, body paragraphs that are full of evidence, and a concluding paragraph. But most of all, the one crucial part that no academic essay can be without is a strong, guiding thesis statement. The thesis statement is typically placed at the end of paragraph one, after a few highly attention-getting sentences to lure your reader in. Let’s look at all the parts of essay one by one with long descriptions.

The Interlocutory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is the place to get your reader’s attention with statistics and alarming ones at that. You want your writing here to be perfect and to lure your reader into your topic.

The Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a clear statement which typically follows the attention-getting sentences in your introduction. The thesis statement states clearly what the essay is going to prove within its content. You can construct the thesis statement in either a first person point of view or a third person point of view.

Now, if you’re worried about writing a thesis statement, try writing it in the first person point of view and then changing it to the third person point of view.

For example, “In this essay, I’m going to discuss why the death penalty is inhumane, and forms of punishment we should consider that would be less violent.”

Third person:

“This essay will discuss why the death penalty is inhumane, and forms of punishment we should consider that would be less violent.”

Body Evidence Paragraphs

You must provide several paragraphs to several pages of body evidence paragraphs. Each paragraph should address another piece of evidence. Each topic sentence to that paragraph should clearly state the evidence, then the sentences after that bring in research from scholars, research, and specialists in the field of whatever you are writing about.

Concluding Paragraph

You’ll want a strong concluding paragraph, which seals the essay with something to ponder about your topic, perhaps a very alarming statement about the state of affairs.