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Good Tactics For Writing A One-Page Essay On The American Revolution

One of the most exciting historical time periods is the American Revolution. The historical figures, the battles, and the stories make this historical period a favorite of instructors, which is why so many of them assign essays on this topic. When you are assigned a one-page writing project about the American Revolution, you have to be smart about the topic and the tactics you use to complete the project. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed:

  • Choose your topic wisely. This topic is immense. There are numerous battles, political figures, soldiers, women, legends, and locations that fill volumes of books and documents. From these volumes of history, you need to write only a single page. So, it is better to choose a single moment and make that the focus of your project. You should find something controversial, like whether or not the Boston Massacre really was a “massacre.” You could focus on one of Thomas Paine’s articles of Common Sense. You could also focus on the idea of taxation without representation.

  • Write a quality paper. Even though your project is short, you should attack it just like a longer paper. You need to craft a high quality introduction, with a quick hook, bridge, and thesis. It is important that your reader knows exactly what you are going to focus on for the page of writing. The introduction should be no more than five sentences.

  • Focus the body paragraphs. You might be able to get two good paragraphs, or one long sentence. No matter what you end up doing, be sure that it is highly focused so you do not ramble about things that do not matter. You do not have much space to fill and you will see that a short paper will be finished quickly. Include a good topic sentence and supporting details that prove your point.

  • Craft a powerful conclusion. Even though your paper is short, you should still close it. Your conclusion might only be a sentence or two, but it should be powerful. Do not merely restate your thesis, but close it up with a powerful quote or a thoughtful statement that makes your reader reconsider everything he or she knows about the war that created the United States.

  • Edit and revise. When you do this, it is important to look at your word choice. Take special care to eliminate needless words so you can make the most of this short project.