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Composing A Winning College Essay Step By Step

A college level essay should look professional, interesting, captivating and unique in its content and organisation. Those who receive honours and rewards transform even a small and ordinary content into an influential one. Their grammar is flawless, their way of writing is matchless.Either they have the born talent or they have acquired it with practice. They take care of each and every small typos seriously and their presentation seems immaculate in terms of neatness.

What do they do to reach the heights of perfection?

Check out the steps-

  1. They allot seperate time for writing: A writer does not even know what he or she is going to write but as they start writing, ideas and imaginations starts making way. However if you sit in mid of distractions, your thought process will fade and you will not be able to give your best. There are occassions when a thought hits our mind but it get vanished when someone calls our name. We could have written huge mesmerising content on that section, but we fail to drive in right direction. Hence sit on a place where there are no cell phones, television sets and passerby.
  2. Gather all the materials: It includes stationery items, notes, writing pad, computer, essay question, etc.
  3. Spot your prompt: The selection of the topic decides your grades to a great extent.If the topic does not have much interesting content, the readers are likely to lose the charm and they may leave reading in between. If possible pick some topic that can create a spark in the minds of the readers. Your professors have to go through hundreds of essays on every day basis, so make it unique.
  4. Search for the topic: Search web, consult your teachers, trusted friends,parents or anyone else. Brainstorm the ideas. Once you are finalising the topic, think for its significance.
  5. Prepare yur first draft: Collect as much information as you can through various resources like magazines, journals, newspapers, web articles, reference books in library etc. The information could be in the form of activity list, stories, anecdotes etc. Jot down all your ideas at one place, because we tend to forget many points often. Once your outline has been prepared, carve each sentence and the paragraph.
  6. Edit it and prepare your second draft: Expert writers understand the sigificance of editing in an writing. Editing involves rewriting the content, addition and sutraction of words, phrases, proverbs, etc. Keep note of word count , introduction, body, theme and conclusion. Your writing should make sense and proper transitions should be made. Answer all the question asked in before.
  7. Proofread: Once done, keep your writing on side and then proofread.You can ask your friends to do the favour.