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How To Create The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

Are you wondering how will you write an analysis essay on Great Gatsby novel? Did you read the novel or watched the movie for this amazing classical story? Are you thinking you will have a hard time because you have no clue what this book is about? Do you think you need some help with your analysis essay on the Great Gatsby and search "how to hire someone to write my essay"? Do you want to write an amazing analysis essay to impress your teacher but you do not have good critical writing and thinking skills?

This kind of situation can arise with various students. What you need to do is to begin by reading the novel first. At this point, do not think about any techniques, shortcomings, writing skills and author approach. You only need to understand the basic theme of the novel in the first reading. When you are almost finished, you will realize that the novel focuses on the irreversibility of the past. It teaches us that nothing can be brought back and time will wait for none.

Now that you have a central idea and theme for your essay, you need to write it down on a neat paper. This will help you create your analysis in the later phases.

Read the novel again to find out your three major arguments you will build around your core theme. These major arguments should be important things the author shows in the novel. This can be about the drastic changes in the upper class lifestyle of America, the ever seeing eye of God, the role of destiny, the beautiful and revealing contrast between the rich now and the rich of old times.

When you have your major arguments, you should write them down in the same paper under the theme. After that, you should move towards finding evidence and supporting material for your major arguments in the novel. Take a pen and pencil in your hand to make notes. You will find plenty of places in the novel where you can find evidence for your major arguments. You need to observe what phrases and symbolism the author uses to show the decay of a dream, the all-seeing eyes of God, and the upper class.

When you write the analysis essay for the Great Gatsby, you will realize that this is quite an interesting read. You would not feel bored while you write the essay on such a topic.