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Of Mice And Men Analysis Essay: How To Make Your Paper Shine

How to properly write an analytical essay on a novel like Of Mice and Men?

  • First: The writer should ensure that they read the entire novel.
  • Second: Reading the entire novel, before doing the essay, will ensure that the writer has the following information:
    1. All the main characters’ information.
    2. The plot of the story.
    3. The theme for the story.
    4. Secondary characters’ information.
    5. 5. Know the ending to the story.
  • Third: The writer should take notes when reading the novel.
  • Fourth: The notes taken by the writer, while reading the novel, ensures that the writer has a good and clear understanding of the entire novel.
  • Fifth: The writer needs to take all the notes taken on the novel and place them into an outline.
  • Sixth: The writer needs to organize the notes in an outline to get a nice understanding of how the analytical essay will be written.
  • Seventh: Before start writing the essay, the writer needs to have a clear understanding that an analytical does the following:
    1. Discusses the purpose or reasoning why the author wrote the novel.
    2. Discusses what the author wanted the targeted audience to take from reading the novel.
    3. Discusses the writer’s take on why the author wrote the novel and how did they do it.
    4. Discusses the main plot or theme of the novel.
    5. Discusses what role the main characters play in the plot of the story.
    6. Discusses how the writer feels about the plot, storyline, theme, and main characters in the novel.
  • Eighth: The writer needs to begin writing the analytical essay from the outlined notes.
  • Ninth: All drafts of the analytical essay should be reviewed, checked, and corrected for errors.
  • Tenth: The writer should have a third party edit the essay for them before turning it in for grading.

What is the main purpose for doing an analytical essay?

  • Purpose One: The writer will take a novel, movie, or TV show, and study it to give their own personal impression on the piece of work.
  • Purpose Two: The writer must ensure that they analyze and study the piece of work very carefully.
  • Purpose Three: The writer will discuss what the author is trying to prove and how well did they do it.
  • Purpose Four: The writer will give their personal perspective on how well the author did in creating the piece of work and what did they take from the work.