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Guidelines On How To Write An Essay To Impress Your Reader

Good essays give information to its readers. Great essays impress your reader and leave lasting memories. There are a few keys to writing articles that you need to know to keep readers engaged. The three keys to writing a well written essay are to clearly express your main idea, have supporting information and leave the reader with a strong conclusion to summarize the best information from the piece.

Main Idea

  • Your main idea will be stated in the introduction and then reiterated in the conclusion.
  • Have a clear understanding of what you want your essay to say. Then you can focus on how to say it.
  • Use your main idea to piece together the remainder of your essay and always make sure the information relates back to this idea.

Supporting information

  • Use facts and examples to support the main idea throughout the body of your essay. This is where having a clearly defined main idea is essential so that you can provide the best supporting information for your specific essay, regardless of topic.
  • To ensure that all the necessary information is present try to write as if your reader has no knowledge of the subject you are writing about. That way you will not leave out any important information.


  • Always confirm the main idea of the essay in the conclusion. This way the reader knows that the message they received from reading is the message you were trying to convey all along.
  • Touch base on the best supporting information that you used in the essay in the conclusion.
  • Leave the reader with something unexpected that ties the whole piece together.

Now that you understand the basics to writing any essay you can use this same template for writing an essay of any kind. Whether it is a research piece, an informational essay or a project for work following the same structure will ensure you have a complete piece of information that readers will enjoy. I will leave you with one last piece of advice. Once you have completed the first draft of your essay, take the concluding paragraph and see if you can replace the introduction with the conclusion. Many times by the time you get to the end, your conclusion is better than the introduction and another conclusion will be easier to write.