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Great Suggestions On How To Write A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one where a story is being told from a person’s point of view. It has all the elements of a typical story such as: a plot, characters, setting, climax, beginning and end. A great narrative essay should capture the reader’s attention from the beginning, and keep them hooked right until the very end.

First Steps

To begin with you need to think about what experience you’ll be writing about, and why it’s significant. It’s important to extract all of the interesting parts of that experience without overwhelming the reader with boring facts. Furthermore, the experience doesn’t have to be your own – it can be anybody’s, you just need to have an intimate insight into the experience.

Once you have gathered enough elements for it to have substance and be interesting, then you’ll need to make an outline for it all to fit together.

Colorful and Vivid Wording

A great narrative essay is one where it can convey the emotions of the experience to the reader. This means using words that describe the settings and the emotions felt in a way where it leaves little to the imagination. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to build suspense so that the reader looks forward to the ending. Wording that can hook the reader’s interest for things to come is a sure way to keep interest levels high throughout the narrative essay.

Write In First Person

If the story is your own then writing in first person will give it a lot more engagement value and authenticity. The intimate tone of voice will enable the reader to sympathise with the experience. It also makes more sense to talk about an experience in first person, however there are some disadvantages. For example, the narrative at times may seem a bit awkward, restrictive and narrow.

Ideas For Narrative Essay’s

A good narrative essay idea is one where you might tell a friend and expect them to find it interesting. For example, this could be: a realization, childhood event, bad or good deed, failure, achievement of a goal, or a change in your life. All of these have the potential to be really interesting if there is something significant about them. However, even if the event is interesting, you still have to bring it to life via an emotional and descriptive narrative.