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Writing An Explanatory Essay Outline: Tips And Examples

In order to assist you when writing an exploratory essay, the following outlines a few brief tips and examples. It may be that you need to write a simple five paragraph essay or alternatively, you may have to write a more detailed academic paper, such as dissertation. Whatever the requirements, the following points can be adapted and used in order to help you to write your work.

Essential points to be aware of when it comes to writing explanatory essays

In order to write a good explanatory paper, you first need to understand what the aims of this style of essay are. If you have written argumentative papers in the past, then you’ll probably be aware of the importance of providing a range of information about the subject. In many ways, an exploratory paper is similar to an argumentative paper; however, there is less of a requirement to try and convince the reader about a certain point of view and, instead, you are simply trying to educate them more about a specific topic.

In fact, as the name suggest, it is best to simply explain various details about the topic that you are discussing. It may be that there are various points of view that can be taken with the topic that you are discussing; however, rather than necessarily directing the reader towards a particular point of view, you should try to give them the information to enable them to make their own minds up.

Developing paragraphs with the use of topic sentences

In order to bring clarity to your essay it is a good idea to include topic sentences. A topic sentence will be used towards the beginning of paragraphs and will quickly enable the reader to identify what that paragraph will be about, as well as any direction it may take.

For example, supposing you are writing about a famous historical leader then you may be talking about a particular battle that they were involved in. As part of the topic sentence, you may introduce the battle that they were involved in – which would be the topic - followed by a controlling idea, such as the reason why they decided to take part in the battle.

Writing your conclusion

The conclusion of an exploratory essay will essentially be used to tie together the various points that you made in the body section, and shouldn’t necessarily raise any new points, or include new information that wasn’t included in the body section.