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The Basics Of Essay Writing: An Effective Academic Tutorial

Every person in the world that has stepped foot into any type of educational institution has had to write an essay. The topics of essays have ranged from how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, why the dinosaurs became extinct, what political party is better and other off the wall topics such as alien space crafts or if time travel is possible. Every essay is structured on certain basic principles of academic writing. In order to write effectively, the following steps should be taken structuring the basics of any type of essay writing:

  • Introduction
  • Main Points
  • Supporting Paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Rough Drafts
  • Final Copy


The introduction is the make or break of any essay that is written. If an introduction is not written strongly enough, it will leave the reader bored and disinterested in knowing if the topic is actually important. This is also where the writer discusses the thesis that will be covered in the context of the paper.

Main Points

At minimum, a writer should address three main points that they wish to discuss in the paper. This allows the writer to write about each main point methodically, but also as a way to ensure they can tie all of their ideas together.

Supporting Paragraphs

The supporting paragraphs will make up the meat and potatoes of a writer’s essay. These paragraphs serve as a way of further explaining the main points that are being discussed. In these paragraphs, writers should also ensure sources are properly cited to avoid any allegations of plagiarism.


The conclusion serves as a way to wrap up one’s writing and re-emphasizes the main points that were discussed. The writer must ensure that the conclusion proves that the main points not only tie together but that they support the thesis or introductory idea that was presented in the first paragraph.

Rough Drafts

As always, the first attempt at writing should not be the copy that is turned in. Essays must be spell checked and proofread before submitting them. They should also be read out loud to ensure that the sentences flow well and are not too choppy or containing run-ons.

Final Copy

When all of these tasks are completed and checked over more than a few times, a writer can submit their essay to their professor, publisher or whomever is collecting the essay. Following these basic steps ensure a writer has produced an effective basic essay.