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Problems Of Ecology

There has been a lot of pessimism concerning the human situation in the 1980s that started out from more than the issues of the present time being experienced. It was also gotten from the fear concerning the future of humans on earth, the earth by itself and what is usually known as ecology. Ecology has now become a very common word in modern times. Well, what is it all about. Basically, it is the science that concerns itself with the relationship that exists between all kinds of life on our environment and the planet at large. It originated from the Greek word “oikos” meaning home.

The essence of a home takes into account the entire planet earth, every living being and definitely including the atmosphere that surrounds the planet. Ecology is usually used to define the environment and the human beings that lie in it. However, it is a much wider concept than this. Therefore, one of the issues being experienced today on ecology is a lack of inclusion of all things that comprise it. This has led to partial implementation of processes and procedures that are needed to take care of ecology. Many ecologists think of how human beings related to the enormous life chain touching on amphibians, mammals, invertebrates and the simplest microorganisms in the animal and plant kingdoms. Therefore, dealing with the challenges of ecology is all about focusing on every aspect that touches on it and not just highlighting a few items here and there.

The use of ecology in modern times has been made synonymous to issues of pollution. Additionally, this is an understatement. The underlying causes and efforts of prevention of population constitute very significant elements in the world of ecology. Another important aspect is the use of the environment in such ways that will take care of the heritage of soil fertility, clean air, forests and fresh water for the people who will come after the current generation. The addressing of such issues is meant to make all animals, nature, fish, insects, insects and birds to live healthy and happy lives in this home. Conventionally, nature has been used to serve man only getting everything that he ever wanted including the food to eat, air and water to quench his thirst. However, living in harmony with the environment requires a careful consideration of the other composition of the life that lives in the environment. These are the problems facing ecology today!