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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a Russian leader and a former Russian intelligence officer who was born in October 7, 1952 in Leningrad the modern day St. Petersburg. Vladimir went through Leningrad state university where he studied law before joining the KGB intelligence unit. In his time as a KGB where he served 15 years in capacity as the foreign intelligence officer, Putin spent six years in Dresden, Germany before he retired in 1990. On his return to Leningrad he become a supporter of Anatoly Sobchak a liberal politician who later become mayor of Leningrad, and appointed Putin as Deputy mayor and head of external relations in 1994. Putin moved to Moscow in 1996 after his ally Sobschak defeat by 1998 he joined Boris Yeltsin’s camp as the deputy head of management in the presidential administration. Afterwards he was appointed as the head of federal security before Boris dismissed his ally Sergey Stapashin in August of 1999 in favour of Putin as the Prime minister. Later that year in December Boris resigned as the president, nominating Putin as the acting president until the general elections. Putin served as the president for the two terms limit and served as prime minister for his protégé Dmitry Medvedev until 2012 where he was re-elected again as the president.

Putin’s KGB career

Vladimir was recruited in the KGB in 1975 after his graduation from the university. He worked briefly in the counter intelligence before moving to the first chief directorate, where he was assigned to monitor the consular officials in Leningrad and foreigners. He was stationed in Dresden for six years with use of falsified identity; he was tasked to recruit foreigners who were supposed to be undercover agents in the United States. In his biography, he recalled a situation in which he burned KGB files after a mob had threatened to enter the KGB building and sent requests for orders from Russia. He later returned to Leningrad where he met his former professor and then mayor Anatoly Sobchak, who prompted his resignation from active security services in August, 1991.

Acting Presidency

President Boris Yeltsin resignation on 31 December 1999 resulted to Putin being the acting president of the Russian federation. After assuming the position he went on to visit Russian troops in Chechnya, he signed his first presidential decree that protected the outgoing president and his family against any corruption charges. Putin went on to win the presidential elections that was held on 26 March 2000 with 53% of the votes.