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15 The Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Students who need help with finding an essay topic can check out the following list. No matter what the class subject is, students will be able to find an argumentative essay topic that suits their classroom requirements.

  1. Should the military recruit at high schools?
  2. Is competition good?
  3. Is age a factor in relationships?
  4. When are teens old enough to decide things along?
  5. When can teens begin dating?
  6. Is the separation of church and state good?
  7. Does boredom lead to trouble?
  8. Is the drinking age fair?
  9. Does fashion matter?
  10. Does homework help?
  11. Can girls ask guys out?
  12. Does religion start wars
  13. Are single-sex schools better?
  14. Are girls meaner to each other than boys?
  15. Should health care be nationalized?
  16. Are student athletes less likely to get into trouble?
  17. Are school uniforms beneficial?
  18. Are college scholarships too competitive?
  19. Does feminism matter anymore?
  20. Are cell phones acceptable at school?
  21. Is college tuition too high?
  22. Does social media ruin privacy?
  23. Is assisted suicide morally acceptable?
  24. Are alternative energy sources viable?
  25. Is veganism healthy?
  26. At what point is a fetus alive?
  27. Does hunting help or hurt the environment?
  28. Is nuclear energy actually safe?
  29. Does the death penalty stop crime?
  30. Do long distance relationships work?
  31. What age is best for becoming a parent?
  32. Should marijuana be legalized nationally?
  33. Should teenagers be allowed to marry?
  34. Do cell phones improve or worsen an individual's quality of life?
  35. Is having a big family better for children?
  36. Should animals be kept in zoos?
  37. Would it be beneficial to have video games at school?
  38. Should tobacco be outlawed like cocaine or heroine?
  39. Is traditional or alternative medicine effective?
  40. Is animal testing ethical?
  41. Should alcohol advertisements be outlawed?
  42. Is there ever a reason to go to war?
  43. Does education or infrastructure matter more to the economy?
  44. Should same-sex marriage be accepted everywhere?
  45. Should deforestation be made an international crime?
  46. Is cloning ethical?
  47. Should schools have sexual education?
  48. Is globalization beneficial?
  49. Is sexual violence on television acceptable?
  50. Does genetic research improve human lives?
  51. Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary?
  52. Are there better alternatives to having a democracy?
  53. Should military service be required?
  54. Is it permissible for gay couples to adopt?
  55. Is fast food a cheap food source or harmful?
  56. Does God exist?
  57. Do people need a degree to succeed?
  58. Does drug testing violate the employee's rights?
  59. Should society stop people from committing suicide?
  60. Should the United States recognize Palestine?
  61. It is permissible to allow corporal punishment in schools?
  62. Should the United States recognize Taiwan as a country?
  63. Would it be beneficial to ban pornography?
  64. Will money buy happiness?
  65. Should recycling be required?
  66. Do aliens exist?
  67. Should there be censorship on the Internet?
  68. Can national history every be truthful?
  69. Are there benefits to having a monarchy?
  70. Should students be taught blind patriotism?
  71. Should athletes be punished for using performance enhancing drugs?
  72. Should journalists be punished for publishing false information?
  73. Can everyone have a high standard of living?
  74. Do humans need meat to live?
  75. Is one gender smarter than the other?
  76. Is the modern prison system retribution rather than rehabilitation based?
  77. Can one person change the world?
  78. Should there be alimony payments?
  79. Is modern art actually art?
  80. Does atheism count as a religion?
  81. Is modern art actually art?
  82. Should every student have to take math classes?
  83. Do animals have rights?
  84. Is marijuana a gateway drug?
  85. Is a nuclear winter likely?
  86. Do we depend on technology too much?
  87. Could another world war happen?
  88. Should PE be a required class for graduation?
  89. Is graffiti an art form?
  90. Should children be given more play time?
  91. Should trophies be handed out at competitions?
  92. Can human trafficking be stopped?
  93. Should there be multiple political parties?
  94. Do female and male politicians vote the same way?
  95. Should congress have mandatory representation from each ethnic group?
  96. Should colleges stop using SAT or ACT scores in admissions?
  97. Are designer babies ethical?
  98. Should there be a national high school graduation exam?
  99. How can musicians protect their music from being sold online?
  100. Should students need to take foreign language classes to graduate?