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Where To Find A Free Essay Online: 7 Fresh Suggestions

It takes a bit of initiative and time, but finding free essays online is far from impossible. We tried out seven different strategies and managed to download free essay examples as well as instructions on how to write essays properly. Try the following out for yourself and see how you do.

  1. Join a forum and make a friend
  2. Academic forums are full of students and teachers who ask and answer questions about writing assignments. Join one or two of these forums and take part in some of the discussions. It won’t be long before you start recognizing some of the regulars, at which point you can ask for samples to be sent to you by your new friends.

  3. Download an eBook
  4. Some of the academic writing eBooks online come with a free example to help you along. You not only get the help you need, but also a template to refer to.

  5. Search for a 500-word blog
  6. Blogs are very similar to essays. Find one that is similar to your topic and get some ideas on how to format your own 500-word assignment. Get some style guidelines on the introduction, the three-paragraph body, and the conclusion.

  7. Explore a published essay archive
  8. There are lots of old published essays online that will serve as good examples for your own. While you need to be sure you stick to the format required by your teacher, you will still be able to gain some valuable insight into how an argument is structured and executed.

  9. Use an image filter on your search engine
  10. If you search for paper examples online, switch to the image generator. You can get a quick look at some of the essays available and quickly find the ones that relate to your own needs.

  11. Use a video filter on your search engine
  12. Videos are just as useful. Essays are shown on screen and you will be able to pause or rewind to any part you find helpful while writing your own.

  13. Download an essay generator
  14. There are some great demo software programs that can generate an assignment example for you. You will get a good idea of format, outline and how to structure your content. Just be sure not to use this as your final assignment product as many of these demo versions are riddled with mistakes.