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Writing A School Essay About A Popular American Magazine: 8 Tips

Many teenagers are not passionate about reading, but this changes when it comes to magazines. Magazines are interesting, fun, and you can find articles about celebrities that you love. With this being said, it is not difficult at all to write a nice essay about your favorite magazine if you pay attention to the structure. Take a look at these 8 tips before you start writing:

  1. Mention a few details about the magazine. When did you read this magazine for the first time, and when did it appear on the market? Who is the editor and what are the principles of this publication? These details are important and it can make other people interested in your composition.
  2. Don’t focus on one single section. Magazines and newspapers are filled with information from different niches, so it is a waste to focus on one single category. Talk about different sections, like fashion, health or wellness.
  3. Give a nice title to your composition. Many students forget how important this aspect is. A good title will make others interested in your essay, and your professor will be pleased that you put so much effort into this.
  4. Don’t discuss gossips. It does not matter what a famous actor did in his last movie; these are not suitable details for an academic paper. Try to keep your composition classy and simple.
  5. Introduce some references. For sure you liked at least one article from this publication. Why not let your colleagues read it too? Of course, you will not copy the entire text on your paper, but just a few interesting lines.
  6. What impact this magazine has? Media can influence people in many different ways, especially teenagers. There are some negative consequences, like girls who become insecure about their bodies, but there are also some good things. Discuss about this and try to bring some clear examples.
  7. Do not involve your personal opinion in this. You might not agree with some articles that are published in this magazine, but your professor does not have to know about this. Keep your personal opinions for another essay when you will have more freedom to express them.
  8. Bring some pictures. If you found some pictures that you really love and that were published in this magazine, show them to your classmates.