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How Can I Write My Essay In A Day: 5 Amazing Tips

Many students do not have enough time to write their essays, so they put off their papers and often realize that they have to do them the night before their due dates. However, if you have a clear action plan, you can complete your assignment. The amazing tips below are designed to help you write your essay in a day.

  • Tip 1: Choose the Right Topic
  • You should choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about. Consider the topics that you have studied earlier, try to remember what notes you have, and what literature you have read recently. You do not have to sound original; it is better to keep it simple.

  • Tip 2: Look for Information
  • It is better to use databases available via your library’s website that provide accurate and reliable information. You can also use your search engine and look for material online, but you will have to spend some time evaluating the chosen sources. Do not forget to prepare a list of Web addresses of the sources you find; scan the sources, take notes, and select quotes that you can use in your essay.

  • Tip 3: Prepare an Outline
  • Many students do not write outlines. However, this useful tool helps you structure your paper, explain your thoughts step-by-step, and develop your thesis statement efficiently. You can find several samples of outlines online. Most supervisors recommend their students to write detailed outlines that contain the main ideas, along with supporting examples and facts.

  • Tip 4: Write Your Draft
  • Write a catchy introduction and place your thesis statement in your opening paragraph. The first sentence should be attention-grabbing; you should introduce your topic and attract the readers. If you use quotes in your paper, you should introduce them and provide necessary explanations. Do not forget to cite the sources correctly. The last paragraph is your conclusion; this is the right place to summarize the main points of your writing and restate your thesis.

  • Tip 5: Format the Paper
  • Make sure you know what formatting style you should use. If you need a title page, find a good example to prepare your own. Most academic essays should be double-spaced. Keep in mind that many supervisors do not allow students to use footnotes, so you have to prepare a list of works cited at the end of your essay. You should also revise your paper, correct grammar and spelling mistakes, print it, and give it to your supervisor.