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I Don't Want To Write My Essay: 5 Simple Solutions

First off, if you are looking for me to tell you that it is perfectly okay to get someone else to write your essay for you, or that it is a great idea to copy one off the internet, then you are reading the wrong article. Essays are not a huge amount of fun to do, but they are a necessary part of life as a student.

Since the essay assignment was given to you weeks ago, there is no good reason why you should be feverishly working on it at 2 am the night before it is due. On the other hand, no one says that you have to sit down and complete it in one sitting either. Here are 5 simple, and ( relatively ) painless, steps to getting it done anyway.

  1. Start by gathering up all of the research material that you are going to need, whether it is websites that you need to bookmark, or actual books from the library. You may not realize it but just by having the materials that you need handy, you have already done most of the hard part.
  2. Make sure that you are well rested. If your brain is tired and given to wandering, you are going to accomplish nothing at all. You will spend more time daydreaming than writing. While there are some people that practically need to lock themselves in a bubble to concentrate, if you think better sprawled on the couch with the music full blast, then go right ahead. There is no need to be any more uncomfortable than absolutely necessary.
  3. Give yourself exact blocks of 1 hour work time. Use up the hour and walk away. Do something completely different. When you have written the first draft, put away the books and give yourself a reward. Go see a movie, or go grab a snack with some friends. Do anything except think about the essay.
  4. Once you are refreshed and ready, sit down and read your essay all the way through. Be your own worst critic. Are there parts that could be improved upon? Are there parts that you really like? Is it organized in a logical, flowing order? If you are completely happy with it--great. If not, give yourself an hour to make the corrections that you believe it needs. Save all your changes, and walk away again.
  5. Almost done! Read through the entire thing one final time. Check for common mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Then, all that is left to do is to print it out, or send it to the professor by email.

Although this may seem to be a long and drawn out process, it worked didn't it? By giving yourself the time to unwind in between, you have managed to avoid all of the frustration that normally sets in, and makes students want to just give up. Even the most boring essay is doable if you break it down into smaller parts.